Douglas A Davy was born on a wheat farm in North Dakota, and became a voracious reader from an early age. Science fiction and his visual energy perceptions seemed perfectly natural to him. He finally became aware, however, not everyone saw auras around people the way he did. Awakening to his own metaphysical experiences began his concerted quest to discover more answers.

Douglas began training his public lecturing skills in college, with a Drama and English. Continuing his studies, he filled his life with classes and lectures focused on parapsychology, meditation, life after death, ancient cultures, religions, an encyclopedic array of metaphysical subjects, and human energy work. Douglas has worked as a licensed teacher in the public school system, run a private tutoring business, and spent over fifteen years as a teacher and public lecturer for a London based metaphysical research society in the mystery school tradition…

Douglas expresses his particular writing flavor from this rich tapestry of references. His novels and short stories. reflect his research and experiences from a lifelong endeavor. Douglas seeks in his writing to stretch the envelope of perception with story themes of conspiracy theory, the future of human development, major planetary changes, and unexplained phenomena of the Seen and the Unseen worlds.

Douglas has been an active member of the Henderson Writer’s Group for almost eight years. He has three short stories as publishing credits, with a dozen more short stories and six novels awaiting promotion..

Douglas is currently near completion of the editing process for his latest sci-fi fantasy novel, The Dull Eggs of Aryll, upon which he’ll launch his web site, and truly allow his artist’s platform into the world.